Photos from the exhibition
Cinati Foundation, Marfa, Texas

11th of October 2008 to May 2009
Contemporary art museum
Marfa, Texas
Based upon the ideas of its founder, Donald Judd
The Art Museum of the Chinati, Marfa, Texas, showed a special exhibition of Olle Baertling from October 2008 to May 2009. Bærtling art is well known in Europe, but in the U.S., he is largely unknown, although Baertling had a series of exhibitions there in 1960 - and 1970s. Donald Judd reviewed Bærtling exhibition at Columbia University in 1964, and later collected his prints.) at Chinati exhibition included 30 paintings and one sculpture, spanning Bærtling's artistic career, from early 1950s to 1980. This was Baertling's first solo exhibition in the United States in more than 40 years.
Konstmuseet Chinati i Marfa, Texas, visade en specialutställning av Olle Baertling från oktober 2008 till maj 2009. Baertlings konst är välkänd i Europa, men i USA är han nästa okänd, trots att Baertling hade en rad utställningar där under 1960- och 1970-talen. (Donald Judd recenserade Baertlings utställning i Columbia universitetet 1964 och samlade senare på hans serigrafier.) Utställningen i Chinati, som innehöll 30 målningar och en skulptur, omfattade Baertlings konstnärliga karriär, från början av 1950-talet till 1980. Det var hans första soloutställning i USA på mer än 40 år.
The road to Marfa from El Paso
USA, Marfa    
Marfa Center    
Chinati buildings
Chinati Foundation Aerial view of buildings    
    Chinati buildings
Exhibition Building from the front   Exhibition Building from within the courtyard
Chinati Foundation entrance hall   Guided tours of the area. In the background one of the buildings containing Donald Judds artwork
From the opening of the exhibition

From the opening
Refreshments served, outside Exhibition Building
Marianne Stockenbrand Director of Chinati Foundation and
Åke Skeppner who generously supported the exhibition economically
From opening day dinner   From opening day dinner
Exhibition space from the opening
Two musicians from the United States plays Swedish folk music before dinner    
To the right; Ogria,1960   To the left; Aigion,1955
To the left;Tot,1953. In front;Sergai,1962. To the right;Aiyam,1955.   Sergoamaraki,1962 - Yuak,1969 - Yoyara,1970
Lio,1957 - Imuo,1958 - Rabilobskir,1956   Iru,1958 - Irge,1958 - Irgur,1958

Ogria,1960 - Sergai,1962
Aiglon,1955 - Orak,1955   Danse Lyonnaise,1951 - Tot,1953
To the left Force diagonal noir blanc rouge bleu,1953   Tot,1953 - Noir Blanc Vert,1952 - Dynamique Noir,1953
Arekyram,1964   Hatamaki,1962 - Ardo,1963
Yuak,1969 - Yoyan,1970 - Ksiru,1976   Ksird,1978 - Ksirb,1977 - ksard,1980

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