Photos from the exhibition
"Olle Baertling  Retrospektive"
Kunsthalle zu Kiel

21 January to 11 March 2001
From the opening of the exhibition
Kiare, Kiakyr and Ksiru
Ksird, Ksirb and Kiaka
Kunsthalle zu Kiel
Port of Kiel with poster of Baertling
Kunsthalle zu Kiel, auditorium from the outside
Auditorium with the curtain of Tobias Rehberg
Hommage a Baertling
Light-court outside the exhibition
Light-court outside the exhibition
Primus Paris, Imuo and Irga
Parnerok and in front the sculpture Xym
Yio, Yid and Yoyan
Yio, Yid and Yoyan
To the left: Yio, Yid and Yoyan
To the right: Kiare, Kiakyr and Ksiru
Rabibk Paris, Irga and Liri
Almoso 40 - 46 (open space B-H) Andreas Eriksson
Hommage a Baertling
Mykerinos, Realité noir dominant and Biri

Azalea II
Photos Stellan Ellboj